Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Playgroup Victoria Raffle

Playgroup Victoria Raffle - win a Ford Fiesta and more - proceeds support Caring for Kids‏

Tickets and money are now due

Playgroup Victoria Raffle tickets, Supporting Caring for Kids are now here and can either be obtained from your group's tray your group contact.

Please remember to collect your tickets when you are at the hall next.

Selling details are listed on the tickets, a flyer has been placed in your trays, on the wall at Kent road.. and also attached.

Raffle Closes 6th June. All monies are due back to the cashiers for banking by the 7th June.

Do not split your books. Please return your sold and or unsold tickets to your contact or cashier no later than Monday 7th June and deposit in Silver Committee Box at Kent Road.