Thursday, 21 April 2011

Welcome to Term 2 and KPV/Playgroup Victoria 2011 Caring for Kids raffle

As you all probably know, Term 2 begins on Wednesday and so does our next fundraising activity, The KPV/Playgroup Victoria 2011 Caring for Kids raffle.

Je Joue Playgroup will benefit directly from the sale of each ticket as we get $1 for each ticket sold as well as being eligible for some wonderful prizes. For example, if we sell the greatest number of tickets we could win prizes valued at $1450 including products from Crayola, Officeworks, Bellbird kid-z Education Resources and Carnival Club books. In each group's tray, I have left one book per family which has been allocated with a specific number. Each book contains 20 tickets and they only cost $2 each

You are 100% responsible for your allocated book and must return it to your groups tray and bank your money by 20th May.

KPV asks that you do NOT split the books or undo them for the purposes of auditing. Also, all books must be returned irrespective of whether they are sold, unsold or part-sold.

If you are unable e to participate in this activity or think that you can sell more than one book please email Bree at and we will work something out with you. Please be aware that if you pass your book onto someone else to sell and you haven't contacted me, you will still be responsible for it.

Click here to view the prizes. Each book has the prizes written on the front along with the price of the tickets to make it easy for you.

Good luck and thank you for you support from the Fundraising Team -
Bree, Amanda and Emma