Monday, 25 March 2013

AGM Meeting Minutes February 11th 2013

Je Joue Playgroup AGM Minutes

8.10pm, 11th February 2013

1. Welcome

2. Annual Report for Je Joue Playgroup AGM

Prepared by Nina Cavicchiolo, Je Joue President

11th February 2013

Welcome to all new and returning Je Joue members for 2013.

We ended 2013 with a fantastic Christmas party which was a credit to both the Je Joue Committee and the whole of Je Joue Playgroup.  It was the result of everyone’s hard fundraising efforts and positive attitudes. We have had some very encouraging feedback from many members about the success of the party. We can now look forward to another successful and fun year in 2013.

After a few changes throughout the year we are now closer to having a full committee at the commencement of the 2013 calendar year but there are still some roles open and room for anyone who is interesting in joining. It is extremely rewarding and a great deal of fun so please be encouraged to enquire by contacting any committee member at the Je Joue email address. Positions to be filled at the AGM include Enrolments Officer, Fundraising Officer/Committee and assistants to all committee positions.

Ongoing issues over 2012 were cleanliness of the hall (we now have a lovely new vacuum so no excuses!), members using the kitchen bin when it is NOT to be used and poor attendance from groups/group contacts at our committee meetings. Hopefully we can all work together to improve these issues over 2013.

After a successful year of fundraising in 2012, we anticipate holding the following activities in 2013: PGV Raffle Tickets, Bunning’s BBQ, Paddy’s Market Cake Stall at Kent Rd Kinder and Photos. There might be others as well. A reminder that unless you have paid the $50 fundraising waiver you must participate in at least 2 fundraising activities throughout the year but we need as many people as possible participating in all activities so it’s all hands on deck where possible!

I am looking forward to a fabulous 2013 and encourage all Je Joue Members to actively participate in our wonderful playgroup to help us stay as successful as we always have been.

I would like to close with a friendly but important reminder that it is a requirement of membership that someone from each and every group attends the committee meetings held every six weeks throughout the year.

Our playgroups ongoing success depends on the involvement of all of our lovely members. Let’s start 2013 with this in mind.

A big thank you in advance to the 2013 committee for the time that you so generously donate to ensure our playgroup keeps running.

Nina Cavicchiolo, Je Joue President


2.a Presidents Report - Nina Cavicchiolo

Discussions points for today's meeting:

- Need to discuss new proposed outdoor times from Kindergarten (need to brainstorm ideas about how to share area while kinder kids are outside)

-Do any committee members know if we are incorporated? If so, we need to lodge an Annual Statement and other required financial documents and the prescribed fee within one month after the AGM

3. Vice President’s Report – Jayne CarfiNothing to report

4. Treasurer’s Report – Bec Drake

Treasurers Report – Feb 2013

Current Balance as of the 10/02/13: $5,66.09

Recent Expenses (already paid): Vacuum Cleaner $225

Anticipated Future Expenses: Nothing

Anticipated Future Income: Still lots of Semester 1 and Cleaning Fee payments due to be paid

General Info: Semester 1 and Annual Cleaning Fees are now due to be paid. I’ll be sending out a reminder at the end of February if people still have not paid by then.

$25 for Semester Fee and $5 Cleaning Fee (one off). Cashiers and those who make a direct deposit please email noting the names and group of those who have paid, the amount that was paid on what date and what it was for.

If you choose to pay the $50 fundraising levy this is also payable now.

No insurance money is to be paid into the account – please pay directly to Playgroup Victoria.

AGM Report

2012 Fiscal Year Closing Balance: $4,783.00

2011 previous year: $6,640.44


- Income:           $8,550.00

- Expense:       $10,407.44

- Diff:                 -$1857.44

We operated at a big loss, but still had plenty of funds at the end of the year. Considering we did less fundraising activities therefore creating less income we did ok. This year we will need to focus on raising more money through more fun and great fundraising ideas.

We donate money to the Kindergarten in the past of $300 to replace, and fix items. This was not done last year so need to look at this.


5. Fundraising Report  - vacant

Currently in process of appointing new officer – a big welcome to Kerry who is joining us to fill the fundraising position.

Suggestion we look at a Chocolate drive as a new fundraiser this year.


6. Enrolments Report – Angelique Woodburn

At the beginning of the year we have 100 families, 12 groups with 5 vacant spots.  We are going to look at putting a brochure together and leaving at Turner Street and Cumberland road health centre.  And standard welcoming information with all the details terms dates, payments, etc.

Suggest we go to the Coburg Maternal Health Centre and Glenroy with some brochures and contact the maternal health nurse.


7. Election of 2013 Executive Committee

Ceri Davies is elected as Fundraising Officer
Helen Edwards is elected as Enrolments Officer
All other positions are relected. 


8. General Business

We need to look at buying some fans for the hall due to the ceiling fans not working. And with high temperatures we have been having over this summer it is extremely hot in the hall.

A suggestion was made we have some supplies for long life milk in the cupboard and some normal tea.  Nicola will check the supply cupboard and fill our stocks.

Outdoor time schedule have changed and we will need to discuss with the Kinder.  There are legal requirements on how much time the kids are to spend outside at the Kindergarten.  Ang has contacted the Kinder and has had a few discussions however the kinder manager is meeting with Ang to discuss the time slots available and willing to work with us.

Keys – Every group is to have one set of keys, and one set is always in the hall.  All groups are to sign for the keys at the beginning of the year.

It was asked if Biscuits for own groups can be brought in a box marked with group details and left there.

Look at ramps to replace the stairs to make it easier with prams.  

Suggest not to use the blog page anymore as it is not used and to create a webpage and face book page to have our information on these sites.

9. Group Attendance and feedback

1a – Anna Gundich & Helen Edwards – Could we looking at new mats or dry cleaning the ones we currently have in the hall. Group emails why some get all emails and some emails are to group contacts? Too many emails were sent last year and suggest only one goes out to group contacts.
2a – Angelique  - all ok.
2c – Naomi Reynolds  - all ok.
3b- Bec Drake, Kristy Lamplugh – all good.
3a – Alex – all ok.
4a – Cecli Petillon – all ok.
5b – Nicola Andrews – all ok.
5a – Jayne Carfi – all ok.

Meeting closed 9.25pm.