Member Responsibilities

Group Contact: Each group requires a Group Contact who is happy to liaise with the committee and their own group.

Meetings: Playgroup meetings are held every 6 weeks (see right hand navigation bar for this year's dates). One member from every group must attend each meeting to communicate any issues/feedback and learn about upcoming activities across Je Joue. This can be a different member each time.

Fees and Playgroup Victoria Membership: All attending families must be up to date with their fees and have a current Playgroup Victoria membership. For more information visit our Fees page.

Fundraising:  Families are expected to take part in two of our major fundraising activities per year. For more information visit our Fees page.

Sign-in Sheets:  Every attendee must sign-in each week. The sheets are located in the group drawers in the arts and crafts cupboard. This is a condition of our insurance policy.

Cleaning: All toys (both indoor and outdoor) must be put away in the correct place at the end of each session. Each group is responsible for vacuuming/sweeping the hall at the end of their session. A vacuum and broom are provided and are kept in the storeroom (room next to kitchen). Spills on the timber flooring must be cleaned immediately with warm water (no detergent). There are children attending playgroup with severe egg and nut allergies. Playgroupers are asked to refrain from consuming food with nuts and/or eggs. If this is unavoidable, please ensure the room is vacuumed and all tables are wiped down.

Kitchen: Please wash and put away any plates and cups you use during your session. Each group is responsible taking their rubbish with them and the last group of the day must empty the kitchen bin.

Outdoor Playtime: It is a parent’s/carer’s responsibility to supervise their child or children at all times, particularly when playing outside. If your child is outside, you need to be outside. During Kinder pick-up and drop-off times, please ensure your child is playing away from the gate (this is for your own child’s safety as well as the safety of other children and carers). The Kinder may use the outdoor space at anytime during their sessions. This is to comply with the government’s Early Years Learning and Development Framework. Please supervise your child or children  diligently during shared outdoor times.  Please keep sand in the sandpit and tanbark in the climbing areas. Hats must be worn outside between 1st September and 1st May. No food can be consumed outside (dropped food or food traces smeared on equipment are potential lethal hazards for children with severe allergies). 

Locking Up / Keys: A set of keys is provided to each group and they are responsible for locking up the hall behind them as well as the cupboards and shed (if someone from the next group arrives before the key holder leaves, the doors can be left open by arrangement). On days when there is no kinder, the front gate and ladies toilet must also be locked. Please turn off all lights and heating on departure and ensure all internal doors are closed.

Last updated: 13th February 2016